Research Projects

Subgroup Analysis

  • Yang Liu, Xiwen Ma, Donghui Zhang, Lijiang Geng, Xiaojing Wang, Wei Zheng and Ming-Hui Chen (2018), Look Before You Leap: Systematic Evaluation of Tree-based Statistical Methods in Subgroup Identification, Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics, revision submitted

Item Response Theory Modeling

  • Yang Liu and Xiaojing Wang (2018): Bayesian Nonparametric Monotone Regression of Latent Traits for Dynamic Item Response Models, Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics, conditionally accepted

Semiparametric Modeling

  • Xiaojing Wang, Yong Zhou and Yang Liu (2018): Semiparametric Varying-coefficient Partially Linear Models with Auxiliary Covariates, Statistics and Its Interface, 11(4), pp. 587-602

Measurement Error Models

  • Yang Liu, Guanyu Hu, Peng Zhang and Juxin Liu (2018): Predictor-related Measurement Error in Response Variable and Its Impact in a Real Data Example, The American Statistician, submitted

Teaching Experiences


  • STAT 3115/STAT 5315, Analysis of Experiments, 2018 Fall - Present
  • STAT 3025, Statistical Methods, 2017 Fall - Present

Teaching Assistant

  • STAT 3445, Introduction to Mathematical Statistics, 2016 Fall
  • STAT 1100, Elementary Concepts of Statistics, 2014 Fall - 2017 Spring


Invited Talks

  • Bayesian Nonparametric Monotone Regression of Dynamic Latent Traits in Item Response Model
    • ACTNext Tech Talk Series, Iowa city, 2017
    • International Meeting of the Psychometric Society (IMPS), Zürich, 2017
    • Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM), Baltimore, 2017
    • The 10th ICSA International Conference, Shanghai, 2016
  • Systematic Evaluation of Tree-based Statistical Methods in Subgroup Analysis
    • ICSA Applied Statistical Symposium, Chicago, 2017

Poster Presentations

  • Bayesian Nonparametric Monotonic Regression for Dynamic Item Response Models
    • Nonparametric Bayesian workshop by SAMSI, Durham, 2015
  • Analysis of Measurement Errors in Evaluating the Effectiveness of Graduated Driver’s Licensing Program
    • New England Statistics Symposium, Storrs, 2015

Services and Activities


  • Committee Member of NESS NextGen, 2018 - 2020
  • Photographer for UConn Statistics Biopharmaceutical Summer Academy, 2018
  • President of Graduate Student Committee-Statistics, University of Connecticut, 2017 - Present
  • Session chair of Joint Statistical Meetings, 2017
  • Volunteer for the 31st New England Statistics Symposium, 2017
  • Senator of Statistics Department at the Graduate Student Senate, University of Connecticut, 2016 - 2017


  • Member of ASA, IMS, ICSA, 2014 - Present
  • Member of New England Statistical Society, 2017 - Present